Smoke bombs

Football smoke bombs are one of the most important products for every single football fan. This must-have product is able to create amazing pyroshow. Smoke bombs has few similar names: smoke grenades, smoke fountains or smoke flares. Although there is a small difference between them (for example in appearance), the general idea and usage is basicaly the same.

How to use smoke bombs safely?
Pulling the ring ignites the product, smoke will start to emit from the top of the product. Sparks can be emitted. Also throughout the function of the product hot ash may be emitted - this is uncommon, but should be accounted for. We recommend that you wear gloves and eye protection.

Where to buy smoke bombs?

Are you thinking: "where can I buy smoke bombs?" let us answer you! The best smoke bombs you can buy on our Ultras-Europe online shop. We are pround of the fact that we have very cheap smoke bombs. Stay awake to don't miss our "smoke bomb sale" every few months! With us you don't need to seach for any kind of smoke bomb shop- we will give you all the pyro about which you dream every night! If you live in United Kingdom and you would like to buy smoke bombs in uk- do it with us and we will send it to you fast and easy.

Types & colours
Our warehouse is full of smoke bombs for sale! We want to offer you: blue, red, white, green, yellow, orange smoke bomb, black and pink smoke grenade and more ! Are you interested about the brands and models? We strongly recommend rdg-1 or rdg 2 smoke grenade. Other popular products are: Triplex smoke bomb, Jorge smoke fountain or ARK-O smoke bomb. Especially ARK-O has amazing blue smoke bombs for sale, you should certainly try this one. As you can see, we prepared for you all kinds of football, paintball and military smoke bombs.

Don't waste your money- buy smoke bombs with us!

Smoke bombs 

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