Do you want to buy petards? If you do- you are on the right website. 30 kinds of firecrackers (or petards, crackers, noise makers, bungers- as you prefer) are waiting for you on Easy shopping and fast shipping (for example sending petards to uk takes 3-7 days) makes us the best online shop with pyrotechnics!

About firecrackers
Firecrackers are made of cardboard or plastic, with flash powder or black powder as the propellant. The entire firecracker must be very tightly packed in order for it to work best. Flash powder, however, does not need to be packed tightly, and should not be.

The difference between Firecrackers & Fireworks
The word "fireworks" is a generic term to describe anything that is related to the kind of items we set off. Also by the word "fireworks" we describe a pyrotechnic products that lit and shoot into the sky and then explode into different colors and amazing bright lights.
According to the generic term firecrackers are a type of fireworks that blow up on the ground. Firecrackers are created to lit and thrown on the ground to make a loud band, they are small and static. The main purpose of shooting fireworks is a visual effect. The main purpose of shooting firecrackers is a loud bang.

Our bestsellers
Are you interested to buy firecrackers online in Europe territory? We can help you to choose the best one. One of the most popular pyro product is Dum Bum firecracker – very loud, very light, very cheap, known as well us Dum Bum bangers. Another one - famous polish firecracker called "Mega piratka" known as well us p2000 has a powerful bang and 20 pieces in the package. Many of our customers search for fp3 for sale (full name of the product is fp3 original) - very loud firecracker with flash and has 20 pieces ian the package. We definitely recommend it. Other popular petards are: widowmaker and thunder. All of our products have the best quality so satisfy your needs!

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