Football flares are one of the best pyrotechnics products. If you are a great supporter- we are sure that you used flare more than once. Pyro flares have a tube shape, different colours and long burning time. Despite the fact that a flare can burn at over 1000 degrees and has an open flame – using it correctly prevents danger and gives amazing effects.

Where to buy flares for football?
If you want to buy flares online and for sure you search for cheap flares- the best option for you is to order on ultras-europe.com! We have many kinds of flares for sale, so safe your time and stop search where to buy flares. Our online shop is the best place where can you buy flares. Here we are giving you an opportunity to buy football flares extremly cheap! For our customers from United Kingdom which they search for hand held flares for sale in uk, we have good news! Make an order on ultras-europe.com and we will send your hand flares to you fast and easy.

Types & colours
We have many kinds of flares waititng for you inside our warehouse. You can choose between red, blue, green, yellow and white flares. Blue pyro flares gives very uniqe effects- you can be sure that with this kind of colour everyone will know about you favorite team. On the other hand- red handheld flares are very popular and fit to almost every scenery.

Mistakes to avoid when using flares
The main mistake is striking the igniter button with the scratch surface too hard. This is unnecessary and can cause the prime to "pop," much like a match-head. Also wrong position of flare during ignition process (for example near your stomach or close to face) can be dangerous. Remember! The flare should be held in front of and away from body. If the flare must be carried, be sure to keep the burning end down towards the ground. Not "placing" the flare on ground after ignition, but dropping it. This practice can cause the burning portion of the flare to break off, extinguishing the flare.

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