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Welcome on the main page of! We are the essence of european ultras. With us you are able to buy pyro fast and so easy! Our pyrotechnic shop is famous all over the Europe, so if you never tried to buy your favorite pyro with us – it's hight time you started to go shopping. What makes us special compared to other pyro shops is our professionalism and true love for pyro. We belive that only by working hard we can satisfy our customers.

Where are we?
Despite British origin all our warehouses are in the heart of Europe- in Poland. We belive that this is a perfect combination created for a better quality of our services. So everytime when you will hear about "polish ultras shop" or "Ultras shop Poland" – you can think about us. But Poland is only the first side of the coin- United Kingdom is the place where we live and where we take care about your orders. So if you search for pyro for sale in uk - buy from us confidently !

What do we sell?
Ultras-Europe is pyrotechnic online shop will all kinds of football pyro for sale. In our assortment you will find many kinds of smoke bombs, flares, firecrackers and stroboscopes. As a proper ultras shop – we have many, many colourful products to fit to your favorite team's colours. But pyro shop is created not only for football fans. Visit us if you search for fireworks or you need paintball equipment.

Which brands do we have?
Inside our warehouses there are thousands of products ! Our suppliers are brands such as: Jorge, Triplex, Surex, Klases, Piromax and more. All of them are on the top of ultras pyro brands!

Our bestsellers
We would like to tell you a little bit about bestsellers on our ultrasshop. One of the most popular products is Stun firecrackers Corsar KO202 – it's a very loud firecracker with 20 pieces inside one pack. The second bestseller is Blue smoke wall made by Jorge- we know how much you like it! Also it's worth to take a look at FP3 firecrackers or DUM BUM – we guarantee that you will like them.

Don't search for pyro shop online – search for !

For Fans 

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