Wedding photos are one of the kind opportunity to capture emotions and savor this special moment for the newlyweds. It is also an opportunity to share the experience with family and friends, both those who made it to the ceremony and the ones that could not attend.

We’ve seen it all when it comes to wedding photography: beautiful landscapes, exotic places, abandoned warehouses and using funny gadgets. It is getting more and more difficult to find any unique ideas. Moreover, traveling to other countries or buying gadgets can be quite expensive., and let’s be honest – weddings are already challenging when it comes to budget.

What if you can create unique photos without spending a small fortune on props? We are coming to you with 5 amazing wedding photoshoot ideas using pyrotechnics!

1. Sparklers on the go

Those small handheld fireworks emit coloured flames and sparks while slowly burning. In photography, those can be used in a few various ways, creating different effects in the final photos.

If you want to capture a nice shot, you can place the sparklers in the foreground of the picture and the couple behind those. This way pictures will get more sensible and have a different Lightsource that will attract the viewer's eye. You can choose to put the focus either on the flame of sparklers or on the couple- both of those approaches have a nice effect and will result in an unusual perspective in the picture.

Sparklers can also serve as a beautiful background. They can be placed either in the far background making a sea of small sparkles, or just behind the couple, to make them more visible. They can be placed also just around the couple creating a tunnel or an arch for the newlyweds to stand under.

Moreover, if the cameraman operates a drone (which becomes more and more common) guests can form a heart or a love sign while holding sparklers. This way it will be mostly the lights visible on the picture. That involves quite a lot of logistics, like planning the placement of the people and making sure there is some guideline for the spacing, but the final effect is worth it.

If you want to use sparklers for photography purposes, it is best to buy the largest possible sparklers, for the longest burning time. It also helps to ask guests to light them just before the picture is taken – this way the photographer will have more time to capture the right moment or try a few ways of placing the sparklers. 

  2. Fireworks show

If the wedding involves fireworks show you can use it as a great element of the photographs. Use the fireworks as a great background for the photo, by placing the couple in a distance from the shooting rockets, but still keeping them visible. One of the good approaches would be taking a picture of them looking at the fireworks but from the lower level. While using this perspective it is important to keep in mind the anatomy – no bride wants to have a double chin on her wedding photos – and possibly asking the couple to stand with their backs to the camera. It is worth mentioning that in order to get a nice shot of the newlyweds alone the guests have to be placed in a distance from the couple. It will help the operator to move around the couple.

Otherwise, the photographer can stand in a distance from the couple to catch their silhouettes and the skyline with the fireworks together. This way the guests can be included in the photographs, for example around the bride and groom.

If there are any landscape elements can be used – try it. Any water elements like lakes and rivers will reflect the colours and light of launched fireworks. Also, elevations like heels or stairs can be great for creating a perspective in the photographs.

3. Fountain of sparkles

Those effects are used in stage performances and different shows in the entertainment industry, but how to use them in photography? Those fireworks are rather small but create an effect of colourful sparkle fountains. Some of the most popular effects are silver and gold sparkles.

Some of those effects are safe to use indoors, that is why they can be a nice addition to first dance photographs. Subtle sparkles are a nice addition to the show and can be used with heavy smoke to create a magical effect.

Otherwise, they can be used during the photoshoot with the couple. The photographer has to make sure that the lighting is subtle and allows the sparklers to be visible. One of the good locations for this kind of pictures is in the woods or in the buildings.

 4. Flying confetti

More and more popular at weddings are serpentine or confetti shooters. While the couple walks out from the church or the town hall the guest launch the confetti which flies all around the couple. It is an opportunity to get interesting photos of the couple just moments after they say the magical „I do” to each other.

Other popular usages of confetti are just after the couple finishes their first dance. Usually, at this moment the photographer can capture both the couple and the guests gathered around in one picture.

It is also a good moment to incorporate younger participants in the photoshoots if they are attending the ceremony. Confetti launchers are quite easy and safe to use under adult supervision, so kids can be involved in the process. Not only a great photo idea but also a lot of fun for the kids.

 5. Smoke bombs and flares

An idea that slowly gets some attention, but is not yet used in the wedding photoshoots. Those fireworks create colourful smoke, which can be used to smoke up the background of the photo or to put some smoke in front of the couple.

In order to get the best effect, it is a good idea to ask someone else to move the smoke bomb the background of the picture and the couple to slowly move the flare in front of them, at the same time. This way in the photo there will be smoke all around the couple. You can also place smoke bombs steadily behind the couple to get the background smoke.

It is very important to move the smoke bomb very slowly to get the heavy smoke out. If the bomb will be moved too quickly, the smoke will be thin and disappear, not giving the photographer enough time to capture the right photo.

You have to be really careful while using those elements in the photos – smoke bombs and flares are getting quite warm during the firing up. Also, smoke bombs, unfortunately, can leave stains on skin and clothes if they are held too close and the smoke is blowing straight on the clothes. Moreover, in order to use the smoke, there has to be no wind, that is why it is a good idea to use those somewhere, where there is a bit of isolation from the wind e.g. in the woods.

Smoke bombs and flares require preparation and a bit of patience in order to capture the right moment. The photographer has to be ready to shoot a lot of pictures in order to pick the one, perfect shot.

All of those ideas can be incorporated both during the wedding and on the photoshoot before/after the wedding. Make sure to incorporate the character of both the couple and the wedding in photoshoots.

Consultation between the photographer and the couple before the photoshoot and event is very important, so make sure to agree on all of the approaches and ideas in advance.

While executing all of the above-mentioned ideas you have to be very careful. Pyrotechnics can leave stains or cause burns on both skin and clothes. Also, make sure to get familiar with the instructions and caution advice gave with the products you are going to use. Whichever of the wedding photos idea you decide to use, your photos will gain a new angle and present a different approach. It is worth going the extra mile in order to create amazing shots from this special day.