Discounts weeks are the best way to collect pyrotechnics and to purchase a big order with less money. We're doing this because we belive that you deserve to enjoy a fun that fireworks bring. This year our promotion has 4 parts so you'll definately find something for yourself!



The first week is a week of a product you truly love! Smoke bombs are one of your favorites and we know about it! That's why between 06.02 and 16.02 you will find many smoke bomb on sale! Don't miss this sale and buy your smoke bombs cheaper then before :)


Second part of our discounts is dedicated to firecrackers. These little products can bring a lot of fun and that's why you like them so much! Firecrackers are perfect not just for a match, but also for a daily fun with friends. So if you ever thought about DUM BUM or FP3 - it's the best time to buy them! Week of firecrackers starts from February 17 and lasts till February 28. Don't forget about it!


Another week? Another dicounts! March starts with flares and torches. We can't wait to let you buy your stuff with less money! Flares & torches will be available from 01.03 till 10.03. Don't miss it! :)


Our last promotion is designed for those who can not imagine their lifes without stroboscopes. If you're one of them - safe your money for March 11! Don't wait till the end of stroboscopes week to not miss the best discounts!

We wish you a pleasant shopping!